The strategy

AWEBA continues to grow in selected strategic areas of die-making that apply to the powertrain and renewable energies. This strategy focuses on strengthening AWEBA’s position on the market as a leader in quality and technology and on the continuous expansion and refinement of the company’s core competencies in strategic business lines in dies for forming, die-casting and cutting. It is also aimed at new business activities: the extension of the value added chain by entering the market in the fields of fixture production and the production of hydroforming dies and dies for formed-on tubes in 2013. Another milestone is that the company is currently expanding its North American presence by establishing a service centre.

The AWEBA strategy is not only aimed at fulfilling the most stringent requirements of their customers, but also at serving as an extremely reliable engineering partner and system provider for dies in cooperation with the customer, in order to actively explore cost reduction and process optimisation potentials by means of intelligent die-making solutions at the customer’s plants. Thanks to its strategic investment in abilities and capacities, expertise and processes, AWEBA is well positioned to meet today’s requirements in tool and die-making, driven by the current trends in the automotive industry. AWEBA is equipped, prepared and ready to be the customers’ engineering partner – to manage ever larger projects, increasing complexity, larger-sized dies and parts, high and higher strength materials, higher press capacities and lightweight construction, in magnesium as well. The latest strategic business activity for AWEBA is the series production of clutch bodies manufactured in a patented process supplying full die parts.