Maximal integration thanks to precision cutting contours

Fine blanking dies, partially equipped with pneumatic or electromechanical removal units and Pick-and-Place for part handling, evidence AWEBA’s know-how. 

These dies are highly accurate and of top surface quality along the entire cutting contour; they make it possible to cut sheets up to twelve millimetres thickness and nearly 100 percent clean cutted.

By means of these factors, necessary rework of individual components on the machine and heretofore occurring manufacturing costs can be reduced. In addition to the dies’ intended use in fine blanking presses, it is also possible to install them into conventional progressive dies and multiple die sets, which, in turn, makes it possible to integrate them into a new part assortment.

Feinschneidwerkzeuge AWEBA
AWEBA Produkt Feinschneidwerkzeuge
Produkte Feinschneidwerkzeuge AWEBA
AWEBA Produkte Feinschneidwerkzeuge