Clamping fixtures with high quality and long life

We engineer “gripping” solutions for your manufacturing process. Efficient machining of cast housings and cast structural parts demands optimal clamping. The workpieces to be machined are mounted so that they fit perfectly and are vibration-free in customized mounting devices, contributing significantly to a reliable and low-cost production process. In all of these tasks, from the outset, it is crucial and thus our top priority to consider the particular requirements of the customer when designing the clamping device. This is the only way that we can work together as a team to ensure a high-performance and high-quality solution. Are you looking for “gripping solutions”?
We have the know-how you need. Tell us what you need. We are ready and waiting! We are the new team at WVL, the strategic business unit for HOHENSTEIN brand clamping fixtures.

  • Clamping fixtures
  • Measurement fixtures
  • Machine pallets
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