Certified machining of steel for top performance

Our advanced machinery provides precision, perfection and speed at each stage of manufacturing. Our engaged and highly motivated team enables us to fulfil the most stringent demands of the market. 

Machining materials of more than 63HRC hardness is our everyday business, as is the manufacture of parts in the micron range. 

The machining is assisted by several CAM systems, customised for the different technologies. However, optimal heat treatment of components is just as essential for the die quality. An in-house hardening shop plus decades of experience in this field ensure the success of this manufacturing operation, so necessary for accurate die components. 

Equipped with vacuum systems, salt bath furnaces, annealing furnaces and a semiautomatic burnishing plant, we can perform the heat treatment for every foreseeable part. This is a major prerequisite even for the delivery of replacements. We can also perform heat treatment of special steel according to the specifications of certified steel producers.

Mechanische Fertigung AWEBA
Bild Mechanische Fertigung AWEBA
Produkte AWEBA mechanische Fertigung
Bild Mechanische Fertigung
AWEBA mechanische Fertigung Bild
AWEBA Produktbild Mechanische Fertigung
Produkte AWEBA Mechanische Fertigung