Environmental objectives

Environmental protection is an essential issue at AWEBA. Environmental protection is based on uniform guidelines; our environmental officer, in cooperation with all of our employees, is responsible for maintaining these rules. Since we are a global player, our holistic understanding of environmental protection is the basis for our successful customer services, as well as customer satisfaction – even for the most exacting customers.

To be able to meet these requirements in the future as well, we are constantly optimising our processes to apply ecologically-sound techniques and to improve and control the production processes to improve their energy efficiency. 
As a matter of course, we at AWEBA follow the German Federal emissions control law, as well as inspect the group’s plants for possible environmental damage. AWEBA’s sustainability is and will be safeguarded by constant scrutiny of our ecological responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As one of the biggest medium-sized companies in Saxony and, especially, in the Erzgebirge region, we are aware of our social and corporate responsibility to our employees and the region itself. For this reason, over many years, we have seen and see it as natural to engage in many social and corporate activities. Here, our focus is on appreciating and rewarding the achievements of individuals, as well as on the external perception of the company. We enhance employee satisfaction, for instance, by offering flexible working hours for a better work-life-balance, continuous qualification/ training, the latest standards in ergonomic workplace design, and health promotion, as well as low-cost company-owned summer residences.

We at AWEBA put particular emphasis on tackling our everyday problems together and on transferring our treasure trove of experience from one generation to the next. In this process, skilled workers and engineers can develop and utilise their individual potentials and tailor their own career prospects. This also entails providing goal-oriented time and financial support for professional qualification and education, as well as continuously supporting the next generation of engineers by means of internships and trainee programs, and by awarding grants and scholarships.

Gesellschaftliche Verantwortung im Mittelstand